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Daydream Your Way To Your Dream Job

What makes visualization so powerful is that our brains interpret our thoughts and images as though we are actually experiencing that specific activity. We can not only mentally rehearse what a particular career would be like but also pay close attention to how our body responds on a physical level.

Feeling a sense of excitement or positive energy coursing through our bodies is an important cue that our imagined job would be something that we would truly enjoy.

Most clients who seek my help in making a long-desired career change often have some idea of what they would rather be doing. Visualization is as much a way of building confidence to make the career change as it is a method of rehearsing and creating a strategy for the steps needed to get there.

Visualizing such details as: your ideal office environment, whether you work closely with others or independently on projects, the personality characteristics of your boss, as well as the mission statement of the organization helps bring you closer to actually realizing them.

Once you have some ideals in mind, daily visualization of these elements is a very real way to help you define and focus on attaining your future career.

For one client, working in TV was a dream since childhood. "I always loved the idea of filming ...of being behind the camera to capture what was going on."

Even with various stints as a taxi cab driver, a bartender, and a lawn maintenance worker, my client managed to stay focused on her goal. She constantly came back to a clear image in her mind, -- visualizing,

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