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Daydream Your Way To Your Dream Job

as if watching herself on a large picture screen, working as a videographer for a major television station.

As my client put herself through school while volunteering in the TV industry, she gained important skills and confidence before applying to several of Toronto's major networks.

Four years after first completing her college training, she is in the job of her dreams, working for a prominent station capturing the city's news and events. "I always saw myself doing this in my mind. I couldn't be happier," she says.

For another client, the right career choice seemed rather elusive. Working as the food and beverage manager at a nationally acclaimed golf club, he frequently put in 10-to 12-hour days and many weekends. He began to feel disillusioned with work after the birth of his new baby and the thought of missing out on quality time with his family.

While initially he had gravitated toward a career in the golf business because of his love of the game, his job rarely allowed him time to get out on the course.

Understanding his desire to find a job he loved, I encouraged my client to write a list of his most important values. Some of these included working a 9-to-5 job, with weekends off; being able to help others in some capacity; knowing that he was a valued member of his work team; constant challenges; and learning new skills.

I then encouraged him to imagine - to visualize - jobs that would be in line with his most important values.

Because my client didn't have a specific career in mind, he used his values as defining factors in imagining the different job possibilities.

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