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Daydream Your Way To Your Dream Job

As he actively networked in search of a new career, he also used daily visualization as a way of playing through in his mind different job scenarios. He paid close attention to how he felt as he created a mental picture of himself working in a job that supported his values.

Four months later, he landed a job with a mid-sized company that provides computer software and technical support for - you guessed it - the golf industry.

His identification of and attention to his most important values have been realized in his new job.

Writing an affirmation - a personal mission statement that spells out the most important elements of the job you are seeking - also creates a positive way to focus your energy.

Visualizing your affirmation as you say it to yourself brings you one step closer to attaining your ideal job.

Your affirmation might look something like this: "My work as a therapist is rewarding and fulfilling because it allows me to help others to think differently - and in doing so, make positive changes in their lives."

Create an affirmation that is personal, positive, evokes emotion and is present tense. Then spend a few minutes each day in a relaxed state, thinking about a scenario where you can clearly and vividly imagine yourself living these words. Visualize yourself experiencing this affirmation as if it exists.

How might you go about using visualization techniques for creating the job of your dreams? Here are the basic steps for formal visualization practice:

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