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Daydream Your Way To Your Dream Job

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax. Studies indicate visualization works best when it is used in conjunction with a relaxation technique. When your physical body is relaxed, you don't need to be in such conscious control of your mind, and you can give it the freedom to daydream. Being relaxed helps your imagination - and your creative right brain.

Begin by building a picture in your mind. Start with the basics and add details in stages. Remember that you are creating an image of what a typical day in your ideal job would look like. Think about the kind of work that you would be doing. See yourself as if you were watching yourself on a large movie screen. Notice how you feel in your body as you are visualizing. Feeling excited and energized is a sign that you are on to something big.

Important in your visualization is to use all or as many as possible of your five senses. For example, imagine the colors and the textures of all that surrounds you in your work environment. What sounds would you most likely be aware of? What would you smell? Bringing all of your senses into your visualization serves to make it more real - and more powerful.

Visualize yourself already having achieved your ideal job. When you visualize, keep the end result in mind. This helps you to stay motivated toward your goal. Not only do you need to make visualization a daily practice, but remember that the technique of visualization is also about implanting a message in your unconscious mind.

Before you can make your dream of working in a particular job a reality, you first have to clearly see it in your mind - and believe that it is possible. Visualizing your positive affirmations also helps build your confidence in achieving your goal.

Continue to visualize your goal as you actively work toward achieving it.

Those individuals who have found their ideal career will tell you that they worked at it. They didn't stop believing in their ideal job - and they certainly didn't stop visualizing it.

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