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Redefine Your Identity

We are more likely to grow tired or bored with our work if we chose it without really contemplating our personality, core beliefs, and innate talents. Ideally, what we do for a living can be an extension of who we are -- if we consciously chose a career that reflects our interests and passions. Our work can then become another facet of how we see ourselves, rather than the only one that defines us.

If you have grown tired and weary doing what you no longer like for a living, or if you recognize that you define your existence primarily by your occupation, it's probably a good time for some self-reflection.

One of the simplest and most important practices to adopt is the notion of "alone time." You will be amazed at what you'll learn about yourself if you make a habit of creating quiet time (even 15 minutes a day) to be alone with your thoughts and ideas (and this doesn't include watching TV, listening to music, or shopping). We need to spend time alone with our thoughts in order to make the best decisions around what we have come to learn about ourselves.

Instead, most of us will do almost anything to avoid being alone. We get on the phone, engage in social outings with friends, we play sports, we even go on-line and chat with strangers in other countries to avoid being alone with our thoughts. The cost of all of this interaction? We surround ourselves with the distractions of external noise to the point where we become completely disconnected from the person inside.

We allow our work to define us, instead of defining our work. Unfortunately years can go by before we wake up and ask ourselves: What else do I want to do with my life? What are my goals and dreams? Who am I really?

During some of those quiet "alone" moments, brainstorm all of the positive qualities (the characteristics, mannerisms, behaviours, and beliefs) that you feel best describe yourself on the left side of a piece of paper (this is how you perceive yourself).

On the right side of the same paper, list all the qualities that you would classify as "a work in progress." These are qualities or traits of your

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